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TTA RAPID, Rapid Luxation, LEILox
20/04/18 Köln Deutsche Vet Germany
Время: 9:00am. стоимость: 495 EUR. касса: +497463992910. Related post. Registration
27/08/18 - 29/08/18 Greve, Denmark Evidensia Academy Denmark
Время: 9:00am. стоимость: 12.900 DKK + VAT. Day 1 Theoretical lectures about the stifle anatomy and pathology focusing on patella luxation and cruciate ligament rupture. Introduction in the TTA Rapid® system and the CBLO. Day 2 Practical wetlab exercises in TTA Rapid® and CBLO Day 3 Fracture treatment in small dogs and cats with the 1.5/2mm LeiLox system. Theory combined with wetlab. Speaker: Hugo Schmoekel, English language Related post. Registration More information

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